Raven Trust Fundraiser Hosted by a 10 Year Old for His Birthday. Can you support?

My 10 year old has had a lot to grapple with in his life. Over the past year and a half I have seen him take his anger over injustices and turn it into activist fire. The other day he was planning to call reps to urge for better conditions for farmworkers during Covid. As he planned his script, I could feel him buzzing with excitement. When I commented on his energy he came back with, “I just can’t wait to really DO something!”

Part of my Covid home learning has become helping him to learn activist skills and strategies. He comes to me with problems hoping I’ll have tools that will equip him to do something about them. He’ll hear about another proposed pipeline or orcas in trouble and, rather than curling into fear, has begun to approach me with, “what are people doing to change it?”

He has chosen to go by the name ActivistBoBay for his public activism work and has started a list serve about his social and climate justice work. You can join it by sending an email to: activistbobay@gmail.com

This week he turned 10! When he heard that birthday fundraisers were something people do, things got serious. That he could fundraise for Community to Community, Navajo and Hopi Covid Relief, Pacific Northwest Protects, or Raven Trust the overwhelm over the choice facing him almost became a point of genuine distress (at one point his new Harry Potter Wand just may have been involved in the process). In the end, he chose Raven Trust because he has previously supported Wet’suwet’en work against the Coastal GasLink pipeline (through food drives and speaking at a documentary screening) and wanted to keep that support going. He decided that he will draw a picture of “activist magic” to mail to each person who supports his fundraiser. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 6.54.41 PM

Here is a bit of information about the fundraiser in ActivistBoBay’s own words:
“Hello Friends! I have just turned 10! For my birthday, I am conducting a fundraiser for Raven Trust. https://raventrust.com/donate/

1. What the organization does:
It helps Indigenous people with legal justice so there can be a “thriving natural habitat.”
2. Why this is important:
So that all people can have environmental justice including Indigenous nations.
3. How your donation will help:
It will help to protect “wild and sacred spaces” from pipelines, tankers, tar sands, and mines.
4. Gifts for Donators:
If you donate to Raven Trust, please send me your address, and I will draw you a picture of ActivistBoBay Magic!”

Please leave a comment here or on the FB event if you are able to donate and he will be in touch about getting you the artwork. Thank you for supporting Indigenous sovereignty, climate justice, and children’s activism! 

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