How to Support the Protectors of The Salish Sea

About Protectors of the Salish Sea:

The Protectors of the Salish Sea (PSS) have been camped out at the state capital in Olympia since September in efforts to have Gov. Inslee meet with them and take the climate emergency that we’re in seriously. They demand an end to the expansion of environmentally destructive industry to protect human, whale, and fish as well as other life forms under threat. He has yet to do so and PSS need community back-up to keep this important work going. 

This project began on in the Fall with a 47 mile walk. To quote the PCC website on The Walk:

On September 20th, 2019, Protectors of the Salish Sea began a 47 mile walk from the Tacoma LNG to the Olympia State Capitol (Sta,chas village site of Nisqually people) to rally for our SCHAYNEXW (Salmon People), our QELTHLOLMECHEN (Southern resident orca people), our sacred promises to the circle of life and for our Washington State representatives to declare a Climate Emergency and act upon that declaration by drafting emergency legislation terminating all fossil fuel expansion projects in the State of Washington.

We walked to honor our Tribal Treaty rights as Climate Disruption illegally kills our wild salmon in the shallowing and warming rivers. We walked to breach the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River. We walked to elimainate all the open pen fish farms in Namgis and Musgamagw territories in BC. that decimate our Salish Sea wild salmon.

This is the work that has the power to bring much needed change to our current, extractive, and devastating system in the colonial nation state. But front line water protectors are getting cold! Please take a moment to consider ways that you can support the PSS in their work as they spend month after month outside, taking care of community, holding ceremony, organizing speakers and marches, and in other ways working to protect the earth and water.

The Supply Drive:

The PSS have posted a Needs List with items they need to keep going. I have half a dozen or so chronic illnesses, 2 foster kids, and I teach full time. I’m not able to join the camp in the long term. But I can head up a drive for the supplies! On February 15 I’ll drive from Bellingham (Lummi and Nooksack land) to Olympia (Nisqually land) with what I hope will be a Prius full of supplies. The supplies they have asked for are:

  • Very Large Event tent (To hold Powwows at Olympia State Capital)
  • Seasoned(Dry) firewood
  • Good quality down coats and wool long underwear   
  • Subzero sleeping bags
  • Smart phones for organizers- must be wifi/signal capable and accept pre-paid cards
  • Battery-operated string lights
  • Battery powered lanterns or solar LUCI lights
  •  Folding tables
  • Tobacco (for ceremony)
  • Car battery charger 

82783621_10157722309772597_4868277977554616320_oSupport the Supply Drive by Donating Items:

Can you look through basements, closets, and so on for some of these items? Do you know someone who could spare a little firewood? Do you like to thrift and wouldn’t mind picking up some items? Do you or others in your family have some old smart phones? Can you circulate this post on social media? Please feel free to pull the pictures with info on this post and use them on Instagram. I can pick up supplies from Vancouver, BC through Olympia, Washington so if you have supplies and live in Blaine, Seattle, Tacoma as so on, I’m happy to make a stop over. Just leave a comment and I can pick things up!

Support the Supply Drive by Grabbing an Item or Two from the Gift Registry:

I’ve set up an REI gift registry for Protectors of the Salish Sea. No matter where you live, you can purchase an item on the registry and I’ll be able to pick it up from my local store and take it with me. I can even post pictures of the supplies being delivered if you like to see the outcome of your efforts. Can you pick up an item or two? Would you be able to share the registry with some people in your life? Can you circulate it? Again, I’ve got an Instagram compatible image here:


Donate to the Protectors of the Salish Sea Directly:

There is a  Go Fund Me for the Climate Emergency St,chas (Olympia) occupation that you can donate much needed funds directly to the water protectors:

Even a small donation of just $15-$30 is a valuable way to contribute. Of course, if you know anyone with deep pockets, showing them the link couldn’t hurt! If you want to brainstorm fundraising ideas or a project, you can count me in for support in your efforts.

Thank you for taking time to consider ways of supporting Protectors of the Salish Sea and taking the climate emergency seriously. These are frightening times but taking action is a strong antidote for climate grief. There is power to be had in working in solidarity. Together we are strong! 

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