Amplify #NoLNG, Call Inslee Today

Indigenous nations have walked 46 miles to protest LNG fracking on their land and to demand climate action. Please take a minute to leave a message with Governor Inslee in to amplify this intensive labour! Please call Governor Inslee today and share this call to action widely! From #NoLNG253: 



Indigenous Protectors of the Salish Sea remain in occupation at the St,Chas Nisqually village site, now known as the Olympia State Capitol building, and they say they will not leave until Governor Inslee is prepared to take action on their demands which include immediately declaring a climate emergency and putting a halt to all fossil fuel expansion projects in Washington state.

We have received word that Governor Inslee has returned to Washington after spending the week at the UN climate Summit in New York. Now is the time for us to amplify support of the Protectors and the demands to the Governor. Please call Governor Inslee today and tell him to meet with the Indigenous Leaders and meet their demands. Example words are below for guidance.

Please call Governor Inslee’s office TODAY at: 360-902-4111 (then press option 2 to get to a receptionist followed by 1 to leave a message).

Hello, My name is_____ and I am calling in support of Protectors of the Salish sea. Right now indigenous protectors and their allies are camped at Sta,chas, Nisqually village site, on the steps of the capitol building, after walking 46 miles from the site of PSE’s fracked gas facility being built on Puyallup land in Tacoma to demand Governor Jay Inslee declare a climate emergency.

I am calling to ask that our governor, a known leader in facing climate change, meet with the indigenous leaders immediately and sincerely listen to their demands.

These demands are that Gov. Inslee declare a climate emergency in Washington state, that he issue an executive order to stop fossil fuel expansion projects in the state ⁠— including the liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility being built at the Port of Tacoma, that he convene a special legislative session on climate change in 2020, and that he honor the treaties by meeting these demands.

Please tell Governor Inslee I support these demands and that I ask him to meet with indigenous leaders and protectors today. Thank you.

#ProtectorsOfTheSalishSea #WalkToProtectAndRestoreTheSalishSea#HonorTheTreaties #NoLNG253 #NoKalamaMethanol #ClimateStrike#ProtectWhatYouLove

30 Days for Climate Justice Day 30: We Will Not Be Silenced (A love letter to earth protectors)



We will not be silenced


We see dwindling orca families

And know

it’s past time to act

While they overturn



Forests are burning

and we have trouble taking in

the air we need

While they overturn



They Sneak pipelines 

On scared ground

Children go without water for



The weight of this sits heavy

stone laden arms

we try to raise

our fists

And we will not be silenced. 


We flood their phones take

To the streets

Put plants in the ground

and lift up

Earth protectors already

Turning these tides.


We act 

And push though

We never know if

It will be enough.

But we know we will not be silenced. 


We pour of ourselves

to protect this ground

not because

They are listening

But because

There is power

In not being silenced.