30 Days for Climate Justice Day 28: Solidifying a Bee Protection Action Plan (and How You Can Too)

Motion: to ban neonicitinoids and glyphosites on public land and parks in the City of Bellingham. 

At the beginning of summer I began to look into what it would take to get neocicotinoids and glyphosates banned in Whatcom County and to reach out to likeminded folks who might want to join me in this work. The work has included research into local laws and policies as well as guidelines from groups that have been successful in these endeavors. I am clarifying my project for a doable starting place. Bellingham is having an election this year so I am making this a year long project toward the motion above.

This is the plan:

  • Attend the October 5 candidate debate meeting in Bellingham and find out which candidates will verbally agree to support the motion.
  • After the election submit a proposal written in legalese with the support of Jason Davidson at Friends of the Earth (FOE).
  • Find allies for the project that are part of 350 Bellingham, the Climate Strike.
  • Join the committee to have my workplace, WWU, become a certified bee campus.

After some frustrating attempts to garner support for the project, I had a really wonderful meeting with Jason Davidson at FOE. He is the Food and Agriculture Associate at FOE and supporter of the Bee Action Campaign. He has offered support at every step of the process to set up bee protected areas at made it clear that this support is part of the mandate of his job and purpose of the organization. I appreciate being able to consult with someone who has gone through the process and have official proposal letter drafts to amend rather than having to draw up each piece from scratch!

This project will remain on my schedule over the upcoming teaching year but the plan feels like a manageable one. It is my hope that other folks will also take this up in their cities, counties, and states. Can you find a few like minded people? Can you work with FOE and present a proposal to your city council? We cannot survive without bees and, if you are in the US, it’s up to us to make this happen in localized pockets because it’s not happening on a federal level! 

Please let me know if you have questions about joining a movement in Bellingham or starting one elsewhere. 


#savethebees #givebeesachance #noclimateapathy #climateactionnow #climatejustice #togetherwearestrong





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