30 Days for Climate Justice Day 26: Protect the Endangered Species Act in the US

NRDC and the Defenders of Wildlife have petitions with sample letters. We know phone calls are given far more weight than petitions, so after signing I gratefully used the Defenders of Wildlife letter template as a script for phone messages federally and on the state level.

The Script:

I am one of the 4 in 5 Americans [or “concerned individuals” if you are writing outside the US] who support the Endangered Species Act and do not want to see it gutted. I am outraged you are proposing to dramatically weaken the law that has helped bring countless imperiled species back from the brink of extinction.
Without the ESA, we might not have the bald eagle, the manatee, the grizzly bear, the American gray wolf, or the American alligator, among many other species.
I am especially troubled that the proposed changes will:
* Make it more difficult to extend protections to threatened species, delaying lifesaving action until a species’ population is so small it may be challenging or impossible to save
* Exempt climate change from key parts of the law, making it more difficult to protect the polar bear, the bearded seal, and many other imperiled species that are impacted by the effects of climate change
* Allow economic factors to be analyzed when deciding if a species should be saved
* Make it easier for companies to build roads, pipelines, mines, and other industrial projects in critical habitat areas that are essential to imperiled species’ survival
Please reverse course and save the Endangered Species Act. Thank you.
[Your Name]
Calling Federal Government:
DT [The president]: 202-456-1111
Interior Secretary David Bernhardt: (202) 208-3100
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross [Rebecca Glover Contact]: (202) 482-4883
Calling State Governors:
I also urge everyone to contact their state governor (you can find the contact info at the link) to either urge them to take a strong position against the weakening of the ESA or to congratulate them for doing so and offer your steadfast support.
Washington Contacts: 
  • Tara Lee
    Governor Inslee’s Communications Office
  • Dan Jackson, Office of the Attorney General: DanJ1@atg.wa.gov
I left messages with the following script: “thank you for your clear statement in support of the EPA. Please know that while you might face federal resistance, you are acting on behalf of the views of your constituents and creating a livable future or the next generation. Thank you.” The relief they had upon hearing something positive was palpable.
If your state senator has not issues a statement of support, an email or phone call, I recommend contacting them with the script above.
Calling makes me jittery, I do not trust this administration to listen, but I will not be silenced by this! We cannot be silenced. This morning I am working with chronic pain and high fatigue and am on my on with my complicated kids at home. The calls were my way of doing what I can for climate justice within this. It is my way of not going “gently into the darkest of days.”


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